DVD to iPod Classic

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It’s easy to convert or rip your favorite DVDs to play on your iPod Classic with video. All you need to do is download your favorite DVD to iPod converter software.

Avex iPod Classic DVD ConverterFor this tutorial, we have selected the Avex DVD to iPod Classic Converter Suite.  This is an all-in-one bundle which is capable of converting DVD and other videos to iPod Classic format.

Once you’ve downloaded this program (you can download a free trial version here!),  you will simply install in on your computer and then open it up.

Make sure the DVD you want to convert is in your DVD drive. Once you have the program open, you will select the file or files from the DVD you want to convert and then click the “convert” button.

That’s all there is to it! After a few minutes, you will have the video ready to upload to your iPod Classic using iTunes. It really is that easy.

Click Here for more on the Avex DVD to iPod Classic Suite used in this tutorial. 

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